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Greetings From Brad Cunningham.

Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Successologist, Visionary, Innovator, Course Creator, Prosperity Strategist Who Believes Your Success Is More Than Accumulating Wealth, It Is Also About Maximizing Emotional Fulfillment.

Vision. Mission.

“My vision is to lower the global statistics of depression & divorce and to raise prosperity & fulfillment. I’m Brad Cunningham of the unique initiative ‘Success Loops’ and it is my intention to uplift, inspire, enlighten and empower everyone with ‘Instrumental Inspiration’ live and on media and I encourage all to step up, connect and become the positive change we all want to see.”

First Runner Up.

Success Loops earned second place in the 2021 competition “Entrepreneur X Factor”and missed first place by just two points.

What Drives Us ?

In today’s turbulent times of viral health issues, economic upheavals, political uncertainty and financial scarcity, we find that the mass media floods us with a distorted and exaggerated view that is not always objective. Most of this information is just hype and the facts are often distorted and I find it disturbing that the cases of depression, globally, are at an all-time high.

I believe that now is the time to reverse this trend and I invite all of you to join this movement, where we seek and share deeper truths and spread upliftment, enlightenment, inspiration and empowerment as well as strategies for expanded prosperity and let’s not forget about having some fun too.

What Makes Us Unique

🎶 Combining 2 passions of Music & Motivation into "Instrumental Inspiration" seminars that amplify mentors wisdom thru the magical medium of music 🎤

It’s the first of its kind motivational initiative that I have pioneered where two passions are combined. I provide inspirational seminars optimizing mindset, relationships, personal development and company culture. What makes it unique is, while I deliver the step by step empowerment principles, I simultaneously build and ultimately perform a song using live recorded on stage looping. This innovative concept facilitates retention and recall of all the key content. Inspiration is the catalyst, not only while aspiring for success, not only in creating success, but for sustaining success as well.


“I owe it to Brad Cunningham for inspiring me to take on the challenge and promote myself and my God given talent... I met you a year ago and we probably spoke for about ten minutes but that 10 minutes changed my LIFE!!! You are indeed one of the most inspirational people that I have ever met and I believe you have answered your calling with Success Loops. Thank you for all your time and advice.” - Private Client.

Brad☺️ You're amazing. Thank you for your time today🙏🏽twas just what I needed to build momentum with regards to studying and my personal growth💪🏽 - Private Client.

“I have known the man for near 15 years. There is a legend in the flesh. Brad Cunningham is one of the awesome humans I have ever met ! I use the word awesome in the original meaning, one stands in awe when beholding this man.” - Private Client.

“Bradleigh Cunningham thanks Brad for being {client’s name} AMAZING BEST Coach!🙌😍❤🏆all your support and help is priceless! THANK YOU!!!🙌❤😍” - Proud Mom.

“You are f+%ing inspiring. Carry on with that.” - Private Client.

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Who Is Brad Cunningham?

“I’m just an ordinary guy who believes in something extraordinary.”

Brad has a philanthropist heart and a huge love for humanity. His intention is to ease suffering and awaken the prosperity potential that already resides in the hearts, minds and bodies of everyone he meets.

Even before Brad Cunningham became a full time musician, releasing three albums, gaining local and international airplay and charting number one on ‘Reverbnation’ and ‘Number One Music sites,’ Brad was coaching! He found it intriguing that friends, acquaintances and strangers were happy to confide their conflicts and challenges and seek his council. He reveled in the fact that he was able to leverage growth and transformation.

In early 2016 Brad decided to combine his two passions and pioneer the unique initiative 'Success Loops, Instrumental Inspiration' the first of its kind using live recorded instruments stacked as 'loops' each addressing various levels of truth, instruction and transformation.

Since starting this initiative Brad has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in this sphere. Brad completed the grueling 14 month Business Coaching Course 'Elite Entrepreneur' delivered by South Africa's top business coach Niel Malan. Brad has attended numerous seminars live and online and studied books with the likes of JT Foxx, Ann 'the wealth chef' Wilson, Robin Banks with John Kehoe's Mind Power, ‘the Real Entrepreneur’ Brian Walsh, Anthony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dr John Demartini, Kerwin Rae, T Harv Eker and many others. Brad has fire walked four times with SA's enigmatic performance coach Cobus Visser and is proud to call him a friend. He has a holistic approach and is qualified as a Basic and Advanced Theta Healer, a methodology proven by Vianna Stibal.

Brad has done live speaking presentations to companies like: MC Pharma (Pty) Ltd and Venture Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Brad has private clients he coaches personally and considers them as friends.

Brad earned first runner up (2nd place) in the international competition ‘Entrepreneur X Factor’ in 2021.

‘Coursemarks’ rated his ‘3 Keys To Sustained Success’ a 9,4/10 and in the top 4% out of 94.860 courses.

Brad has enjoyed radio interviews and features with the following Radio Stations: 93.8 Mix FM on ‘Watts Involved’ with David Watts; Coastal Radio SA with Martin Nel; Eden Radio with Mark G; 247 Stereo on the Brunch Buzz with Tony & Mandi and Zone Radio with Richard Griggs.

Besides inspirational speaking, he has created multiple online courses as ‘Success Loops Mastery’ covering topics such as optimized mindset, balanced positivity, healthy corporate culture, personal development, elite success strategies and empowered relationships.

He just wants to uplift, empower, enlighten and inspire.

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