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Sept Muse-Letter.

In August's Muse-letter I tried to not delve to deep but I ended up going there anyway as I usually tend to do.
So in this muse-letter I promise to keep it light-hearted and with a bit of humour.
I’m sure most of you already know I’m also a singer, songwriter and performer – if you are taking the free ‘Training With Titans’ program you’ll see how I combine live looping with instruction to ease the attention, retention and recall of the content. If you haven’t yet please go check it out.
So as I songwriter, who lovingly agonizes over his lyrics, I really love wordplay and so this kind of jumped out at me when I looked closely at the word

So absolutely no heavy academics or deepest truths allowed in this post. I just want to wish you a month ahead where you dance your ass off and that you fill September full of twerking, ass shaking and booty bouncing all for the grand intention of abundance. 💃

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August Muse - Play With It !

I’m going to attempt no heavy concepts in this newsletter – who am I kidding – I only know one way and that’s all in and go deep but I’ll really try keep it light hearted and not too serious in this muse. So let’s play with it then:

We all take this thing called physical life all too seriously!!
* I mean it's not like it's permanent - we all gonna croak sometime.
* It's made up of cycles so it's not really going anywhere - yet we all act like there's one singular destination.
* We are all so busy tryna prove ourselves worthy of this existence - yet here we are!
* Our belief systems require us to need physical proof for something o be real - when our ultimate state is actually formless.
* We all believe its sacred, holy & divine to shed ourselves of ego - yet we create religions where our primary deity is built around one.
“Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly." - GK Chesterton.

In last month’s muse we saw that there is an amazing intelligence that orders everything and it’s done in cycles (or as I refer to as ‘loops’) I displayed how this occurs on 3 levels Global, Personal and Universal. Most suffering is experienced when we disconnect from this broader view and we narrowly view circumstances as “this just should never be – it’s wrong” and we are blind to observe what larger, broader perspectives we are also being shown. I explained that acceptance to what is and a surrender to this higher intelligence are tools to help us connect, align, attune to this broader wisdom.

I believe that our walk within the cycles of life should be a dance and that our existence is intended to be a ‘game of life’ and not be taken too seriously (says me Mr Serious himself) None of us are getting out alive anyway so our bodies are instruments and just like a musical instrument, we are supposed to play it and not work it.

Sometimes it’s a fierce rock song – play with it.

Sometimes it’s a protest song – play with it.

Sometimes it’s a peaceful melody – play with it.

Sometimes it’s a love song ♥ – play with it.

Alan Watts describes this beautifully and with humour in this brilliant clip:

July Muse-Letter

In my insatiable stalking of inspirational material for unconventional success, I came across this interesting quote that made me ponder and I really wanted to share it with you

“If we can recognize that change and uncertainty are basic principles, we can greet the future and the transformations we are undergoing with the understanding that…we do not know enough to be pessimistic.” – Hazel Henderson.

The last part of this quote really struck me as it resonates with one of my favourite Einstein quotes that goes along the lines of the wisest thing anyone can say is ‘I know not all.’ In other words there is always more (deeper truths) to the picture than just observing the one-sided pessimistic perspective.

If we dive Deep we observe that relative opposites are paired and actually have to co-exist. (Mountains cannot exist without valleys and shadows without light.)

Even black is a shade of white!! Wait what?? Watch the clip if you don’t believe me, it’s demonstrated in such a cool way

(I also love the way it demonstrates that everyone’s perception of things is unique to all and different to ours.)

Everything is connected even batteries and magnets must have both positive and negative polarities. This means in everything there co-exists both the optimistic (positive) and pessimistic (negative) parts.

Now that made me zoom back to the first part of the quote and to how much optimism are we actually missing out on? I did some deep seeking and I’m happy to share my findings.

A shallow perspective of our universe is that all is random and it’s just chaos. However a deeper broader perspective reveals that there is an omnipresent intelligence that orders everything and we can observe that order exists on three levels as follows:

1. Universal – planets always follow clearly defined elliptical orbits.

2. Global – Mom nature, when left alone, orders herself beautifully.

3. Personal – we don’t mindfully control our breathing or our heartbeat, something else does.

My conclusion here is that there is intelligence beyond our own personal point of thinking that not only sees the bigger picture but is also a part of it and has the ability to impact it through us, or us through it.

That is why instead of resisting the undesired sometimes surrender and acceptance to our present conditions and transcending any polarized pessimism allows us to expand our broader view and align our thinking with this greater intelligence and this opens us up to all kinds of inspired options we never saw before.

So seeing as all our perceptions are unique to each of us, let me know what’s your take on this.


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June Muse-Letter.

I know I constantly speak of being authentic or to be more specific getting back in touch with those authentic parts of ourselves. While I believe it’s also shedding the parts of us that we are not – I know it’s easier to say than to do.
A lot of motivational people speak of ‘getting up, giving it your all and just hustle and grind till the end.’ While I know there is a place for this, I just don’t believe it’s a sustainable way of being. When you are in flow and on top of your biorhythms then absolutely, give it stick BUT what about when you are not…?
Let’s explain biorhythms – Google defines it as “a cyclic pattern of physical, emotional, or mental activity believed to occur in a person's life.”
I believe everything in life is cyclical (hence my use of the word ‘loops’) and we naturally experience ebb n flow mood shifts that are tidal also. Sometimes we are on top of our game and sometimes we are not. Sometimes we feel super secure and sometimes totally insecure. Damn, but that latter stage is sucky. If I’m to be authentic with you then I must admit that I am at the bottom of this cycle right now. I’ve been sitting trying to write this muse-letter for two days now and all that’s come up is a big pile of stinking misery (Big sigh) My battle with depression lasted three long years and even though I won’t go back to that same deep dark place again, it still likes to raise its ugly head at me to remind me it’s there. I’m sure a lot of you reading this can relate to feeling this.

I think a critical part of this authenticity is acknowledging this and taking comfort that it will pass (maybe like a kidney stone) and that we will be back up again sometime soon. When we are in this stage it’s critical to be gentle with ourselves and never to force things and take some time out for some much needed R n R for soothing body, mind and spirit.

May Muse-Letter.

The Path To Success is Not a Road – it’s a Detour.

I'm sure you've all heard of the saying "how do you make God laugh? Just tell Him your plans." The saying is amusing because there is truth in it. I'm always on a mission to extract 'deeper truths' - I even hashtag the phrase now.

Dr Joe Dispenza says that by the age of 35 we are just a memorized pattern of programs practiced into habits. So it makes sense when people say that in order to succeed we need to break the pattern of being ourselves. Dr John Demartini says that being true to our authentic selves and our highest values are key to success. Hmmm - it seems on one hand we have to become something else, while on the other we need to be ourselves. This just makes my mind scream "what's the deeper truth here."

The deeper truth for me is this and it's actually quite simple. They are both right. The practiced programmed Joe Dispenza part of us is not our deeper authentic self and that's the part we need to recognize and move beyond so we can get to the John Demartini part of our genuine unique self that aligns with the essence that created us. This is the grand detour.

The one HUGE thing I have discovered while obsessively researching success is that YOUR personal & professional success, or the lack thereof, is reliant on these six factors... And it’s simple, you master them or they master YOU!!

YOUR self-awareness,

YOUR intentions,

YOUR mindset,

YOUR emotions,

YOUR relationships and

YOUR strategies.

Here’s wishing you all the health, wealth and prosperity that May has to offer.

Here’s your reminder to resume your free unique ‘Training With Titans’ in our one of a kind library and see how music aids the attention, retention and recall of key success principles taken from the elite top performers:.

To our collective success

Brad Cunningham

On A Personal Note: I just want to express my gratitude to you, the loyal reader, for opening my mails and I also want to reaffirm that these newsletters are for the primary purpose of bringing life optimizing news and free resources to you my subscriber. I commit to not to flood you with ‘buy this product, buy that product’ emails. I stand by this because as I create new products, I first send them out to you in newsletters before I package and price them as courses and trainings. Having said that I do feel it is my duty to keep you informed that my paid course pricing is due to increase within the next two weeks (they’re really low anyway and the increase should only be slight) Like I mentioned I’m not going to drop any course links here but if you are interested in checking them out prior to increases, please just jump on our website.

My main excitement at the moment is the latest project I’m doing which is creating a Success Loops Coaching Program and as it progresses, I’m happy to share that you will the first in getting some of the content. I’m thinking of titling it ‘A Detour To Success’ and it will be a journey of optimizing the six core elements Self Awareness, Intention, Mindset, Emotions, Relationships and Strategy for the purpose of breaking through anything and everything that has previously road blocked you from living a prosperous and fulfilling life. It’s going to be an epically transformative program once it’s complete.

April Muse-Letter.

Well, aren’t we all just living in a time of huge political & economic uncertainty? There is the socio-economic aftermath of the pandemic and recently war has been thrown in the mix, now we even have Hollywood stars slapping each other on globally televised events, I mean when will the craziness end? When it comes to the topic of power, control and leadership – just take a looky at the picture to view some of our current world leaders. Inspiring stuff hey?

Now is the time when we all really need to employ our own control, power and leadership, instead of placing it in the hands of others who fail to provide the goods. Instead of blaming their incompetence we have to look within and become our own leaders and this means empowering ourselves. So is there an optimized way of enhancing our own power potential? Yes there is, and it can be done in ways without manipulation or forcing control on others as that just breeds more resistance.

My most recent talk was on ‘The Future of Personal Power’ and it addresses a more conscious form of self-empowerment. Please feel free to watch and add to the discussion.

The full half an hour version is here: there is also a shorter summary available below this option.

For those with time constraints or saw it already, here's a ten minute summary version:

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March Muse-Letter

History has some bizarre stories to tell.

In 1898 Heroin was a common ingredient in cough syrups.

Until the 1930’s Children aged 10-15 were employed full time as Child labour.

Mid 1900’s women smoked cigarettes and drank liquor during pregnancy.

Mid 1800’s the guy who used the first umbrella was mocked and tormented.

1903 it was believed that over exposure to the colour purple would lead to madness.

How about the ridiculous reasons why some people were burned at the stake. In the clip below I hilariously attempt to address the ‘elephant’ in the room in my quest for deeper truths – not quite elephant but my malapropism is good for a giggle.

So it begs the question why did anyone let this happen then? The answer is at that time it was considered NORMAL.

We are on a journey of discovery and our old norms are now outdated truths as compared to our new ones.

So the question to ask now is… In 50-100 years from now what is the ‘normal’ that we are doing now that would be considered as crazy later?

You learn nothing from life if you think you're right all the time. – Anonymous

I made a short video for you on how we can use this to our advantage.

February Muse-Letter.

Greetings Life Optimizers
There are two powerful items on the agenda in this newsletter as well as a secret back stage pass that nobody knows about.
Number one. January is behind us and the afterglow of the New Year has cooled off, probably just like our resolutions we made. Usually by the 3rd week in January we have slipped back into our old habit patterns (the good and bad ones.) We held a workshop on the 18th of January not just because it was the third week into the year but it was also the full moon. The live workshop was to offer a really strong alternative to resolutions. At the ‘Harness The Power Of Intention’ workshop we dived deep into uncovering, defining it, the science behind it, releasing old systems, creating a valid intention and optimizing it. I recorded the workshop and it will become part of a bigger online success strategy course in the future, however because you guys are members of my ‘Mentor in your Mailbox’ network you have access to the masterclass at these links:

Harness the Power Of Intention. Part 1.
5 Steps to Harness the P.O.I. Part 2.

In addition, I have another juicy little secret that only this network is allowed privy to and I’ll explain this little ‘treasure hunt’ disclosure in the next paragraph.

Number two. It’s February and the month of love. So the question is: how will you be expressing your love this month? Would you like a deeper connection with more intimacy? Well you can. There is the insightful masterclass ‘Intimate Connection’ that has hilarious clips poking fun at our differences, it has profound poetry, reflective assessments and a step by step strategy taking you and your partner out of separate attachment and back into blissful attunement. Here is the secret I was talking about earlier: My YT channel hosts this course and nearly all my other courses uploaded – the trick is to just look in the playlist tab and even if the entire course is not showing then open up the description text below the videos, scroll down and you'll see the next video link will be listed. I’ll even drop the first link below for you, it’ll be a good idea to subscribe to the channel. Alternatively if you wish to support my cause of helping me to make more content available then feel free to take the paid course for only $19.

Here’s the links to both options.
The Treasure Hunt option
Support the Cause

And here’s your reminder to resume your free unique Training With Titans at
To our collective success
Brad Cunningham

January 2022 Muse-Letter.

New Year ̶N̶e̶w̶ ̶Y̶o̶u̶ True You

I just read an Irish tradition that observed leaving the front door open at midnight to let the old year out and to allow the new year in. In this case it stated that this year we definitely include leaving all the windows and garage doors open too. Another one worth mentioning said 'I'm not ready to crush 2022 so don't send emails, quotes, memes or any subject line asking me if I am.' My response to this was I'm ready to build, expand, improve and grow and if I'm going to crush anything let it be misinformation, negativity, depression, disbelief and fear. The third one said forget the philosophy of a new year, new you - rather embrace the old you, the authentic you, the you that thinks you are not enough and needs to be someone else. This struck a chord as I believe that YOU are unique by design and crafted by the most powerful force in the universe. Your existence is not random but superconsciously conspired and your authentic uniqueness is your superpower. Yet we have been molded since birth into what others think is best for us. The attunement and alignment that guru's speak of is just us getting back in line with our true selves. So to start off the new year I am doing (redoing) the six self assessments that are on our website resources page and I encourage you to do the same. This is just a process of introspection to bring a clearer awareness of me to myself. Here's the link and while you are there also sign up for the free priming tutorials 'Training With Titans' if you haven't already. I sincerely wish everyone a 2022 overflowing with prosperity, contentment and fulfillment. Stay tuned for the free ‘Slay Depression’ training launch where I show how I broke out of a three year cycle of depression.

December Muse-Letter.

Self Love Isn't Vanity, It’s Sanity.

Self-Love isn’t Vanity it’s Sanity. Andre Gide. It’s the last month of 2021. Here’s to the optimistic opportunities in 2022. Boy oh boy, if is anything has been made clear in the last two years, it is this: Nobody gives a shit about you more than you do. Those that have been there for us are a huge blessing but the only one responsible for your own self care is you. Holidays are coming up so how are you going to show yourself that self-love, self-pampering and self-care? Go grab that spa treatment or gift that you’ve always wanted for yourself but remember that there is also an internal process to be nurtured here too. It is often noted that our external circumstances are a reflection of our internal processes. The one problem is, we often don’t believe we are worthy, lovable or enough so where do we prime them. I’ve gathered three resources to help. Self-Love is not sinful it’s Saintly. I came across an intuitive Danielle LaPorte who wrote a self-devotion poem “Show Me How to Love Myself.” As I am a songwriter and lyricist, I thought this was pretty cool so I made a clip to showcase it just like I did one for Louise Hay. If you liked it then feel free to watch the Louise Hay one “All’s Well in My World.” Its had over 8K views so far. Here is one to boost Worthiness To our collective success.

Nov Muse-letter.

Outside Misinformation & Inside Truth.

It’s only two months until 2022. I think we are all are looking forward to a new year with new possibilities.

The past 2 years have been riddled with conflicting, evidence, misinformation, restrictions and uncertainty. We have all experienced increased levels of stress and anxiety.

Here’s a tactic to use when dealing with matters outside of our control.

Focus on what we have control over. The things we have control over are our thoughts, perceptions and responses. It was only after my recent childish display of road rage did I realize, whoops I need to practice more attention to this especially seeing as I am busy creating a breaking through anxiety and depression program.

How about using these last two months of 2021 to create an inspired vision for 2022?

Our minds naturally default to looking at the past (it is our only reference) or projecting worse-case scenarios of the future. We hardly ever take time to project an inspired desirable picture of the future and we wonder why our cycles remain the same. See how to disrupt the cycle, this is outlined clearly in one of the ‘Training With Titans’ free tutorials called ‘Life Cycles.’ Check it out how it’s symbolized with music and it’s free. or just click on 1st 2 images below to view on YT.

Q&A. Ask Yourself.

What would your ideal 2022 look like? What thoughts, perceptions and responses could I practice to support this? What baby steps could I plan and follow through?

If you are unsure about what path would be most fulfilling then take the assessments that I sent in the October newsletter, they can also be found in our ‘Free Resources’ From the day we are born we are taught what is acceptable, what to learn and what to think and we have practiced these into permanency. I only had this real self-actualized ‘aha’ moment when I was well into my forties. There is power in knowing your authentic self.

Don’t wait for 2022 for resolutions, start now with creating aligned solutions.

To our collective success

Oct Muse-Letter. What’s your Personality Type?

I recently posted a picture on social media regarding unleashing your true authentic self and I received a great response so I decided to make it available only to those of you in this Success Loop. This was the picture below.So here are your links to the post I made.

The 6 Ways to Finding Your Authentic Self.

1. The Enneagram Test:

2. The Wheel Of Life Test:

3. Find Your Dominant Love Language:

4. Determine Your Highest Values:

5. The Disc Assessment:

6. Discover Your Business Identity:

Congratulations on taking the journey to discover divine deeper truths on your awesome self. Most people never undertake this journey and rather seek distractions and that’s a reason why there is so little fulfilment experienced in the world today.On a personal note I would like to thank you all, your votes helped me get to 2nd place (1st runner up) in the Entrepreneur X Factor competition. I missed 1st place by just 2 points but this helps my cause of slaying global depression and making critical success strategy accessible to all. I wish to remind you to help yourself to the free training that is my gift to you ‘Training With Titans’ at

To our collective success Warm regards Brad Cunningham

September Muse-Letter. State of Balance.

I’m on a mission to decrease the cases of global depression which disturbingly are the highest they have ever been. Here are some interesting points to ponder.

Did you know that just as depression is not our natural balanced state, neither is the euphoria of joy and happiness. These are just temporary states we visit for the sake of contrast and if we experience both in extremes we get labelled Bipolar!

Our natural state exists between the two and is assisted by the hormone serotonin.

So if our balanced state is neither sadness nor elation then what is it?

Our balanced state is one of contentment, satisfaction, peace, acceptance, trust and with a bit of practice naturally leads to gratitude, fulfilment and bliss. Even this state is temporary as we fluctuate above and below this but this is our middle ground.

So what causes our fluctuation? Our emotions do. Master emotions and you’ll master your life.

Here’s an Instrumental Inspiration clip on handling emotions, particularly grief. Only after viewing the clip then read the last stage in the video description. Feel free to forward to someone who needs this.

The clip above is taken from the training 3 Keys To Sustained Success:

More complimentary trainings like this are available absolutely free at:

August 2021. Unconditional Contentment.

The word ‘Unconditional’ is not just reserved for Love!

We are so aware that the highest form of displaying love is expressing Unconditional Love.

Master this and you’ve mastered acceptance.

We are also aware that we are not spiritually advanced enough to practice it consistently. In fact we are only just becoming aware that we are not looking for love to express itself to us, we are love looking for a place to express itself. That’s why we have pets and children…lol.

How about being Unconditionally Content? Check out the video below explaining the concept.

Unconditionally Content? Let’s define that – it is not letting any conditions or circumstances dictate how we express our emotions. Master this and you’ve mastered emotions.

We are also aware that we are far from this at our present level of our spiritual evolution. How often do we still play the blame game?

Success Loops Mastery deals with this on Day 6 of the online course 'Crush Negativity in 21 Days' - 'Taking Back Your Power.'

If I am real with myself it feels kind of impossible to live up to this level of mastery and perfection. Sometimes I am consciously in control and other times I JUST LOSE IT!

How can we make such an impossible concept more accessible to us?

Let’s first get rid of the ideas of perfection and mastery! The idea of mastery and perfection represent a finite picture of success which cannot be improved. This is not accurate. We live in an infinite universe with infinite possibilities. Endless expansion is a deeper truth. We see Olympic records continuously being broken.

What can we do?

We do the best what we can with what we know, knowing that we are learning and expanding every day. The difference is doing it consciously (with more awareness.) When expectations are met and we are elated, know that that is the reason why and that that circumstance is not permanent. That’s the easy part. The more challenging part is when we are cut off in traffic and we lose it. The only thing we are losing is actually the rational side of our brain. It literally shuts off when we are in fight, flight or freeze. This is not about suppressing anger and polarizing positivity as we know that is not balanced nor is it healthy. Rather be aware of that anger, feel that emotion. Be aware that you are not angry but you are feeling angry. Do you see the difference? Allow yourself the chance to express it betterly and not bitterly.

This is dealt with in more detail on Day 13 of 'Crush Negativity in 21 Days' - 'Dealing with Conflict.'

Change is inevitable as is growth and we need both positive and negative conditions to assist us. Forget mastery and perfection, rather seek opportunities for expansion and growth. When the crap inevitably hits the fan ask ‘how can this serve me best?’

Day 18 looks closer at 'Growth' in 'Crush Negativity in 21 Days.'

Whatever circumstances come our way just know that if we have unbalanced expectations, then we get more of those circumstances to help us eventually balance it out. When this happens check your perceptions around that condition.

Coach Wooden defines success as “Success is peace of mind in knowing that you have done your best.”

Be unconditionally peaceful, be unconditionally optimistic, be unconditionally balanced and be unconditionally and authentically YOU whatever the circumstances.

I’d like to thank you for subscribing to the Success Loops Muse-letters and I wish you huge contentment, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Crush Negativity Course can see more here

To our collective success.

July 2021. Break The Cycle.

Do you ever Feel Restricted? Feel Trapped? Feel Powerless? Feel Stuck?

Here’s How To Break the Cycle.

A huge belief system we all suffer from is that we are not capable of creating desired change and it’s this ‘nocebo’ effect (the opposite of placebo) that holds us prisoner and blinds us to the many windows of opportunities that are available to us.

Let that sink in for a bit. Notice it’s the old beliefs, thoughts, emotions and uninspired actions that keep you captive and NOT the external circumstances.

Check out the following 2:42minute clip at the bottom of this post that is Day 6 from my online course ‘Crush Negativity in 21 Days.’ The episode is entitled ‘Take Your Power Back..

If you are interested in watching the other episodes in the Crush Negativity course, here are 2 options.

The 10 part mini version of this course 'Crush Negativity In 10 Days' can be seen at:

The full course 'Crush Negativity In 21 Days' is available on Thinkific at:

I have some great examples of people who had every excuse to feel powerless, but they overcame victimhood in the most amazing ways – check out the March Muse-letter here. It’s a really great post.

To our collective success

June 2021. Daydream Yourself Wealthy.

Would you like to know why your visions and affirmations hardly ever work?

According to Dr Joe Dispenza it’s because our thoughts are always reflections of past comparisons. Well that seems fair because we cannot really compare anything to something we haven’t experienced yet, or can we?? Our consciousness cannot distinguish between thoughts that are real experience and thoughts that are imagined. So if we vividly project into the future and imagine living in our vivid vision of what we desire, then we are not stuck in past conditioning but aligning with a vision of the future. However we are fiercely attached and addicted to our past thinking and it’s no surprise we feel stuck in the same loop of past experiences.

Okay, let’s just back up a bit here and explain how changing your thoughts can change your future. Same old thoughts trigger same old belief systems which triggers same old habits which perpetuate the same old circumstances. So using this formula if we want to change circumstances we just need to usher in new thinking. Now Dr Joe goes way deeper into a quantum view where thought-waves can even be measured outside the head and can influence/attract a different quantum reality. He healed his spinal cord just by thought alone when doctors said he would never walk again, so he’s on to something. Watch the clip below as it explains the different brain wave states and how it affects our goal setting.

So in a nutshell, we have to break the old cycle by becoming aware of our old habitual comparison-biased thinking patterns and recognize them as obsolete (past tense) and start ‘living’ in a clearly defined vision of the future and expressing the emotions as if it has already happened until we tip the scales in favour of the new way of thinking. This takes some time and effort and I’m grappling with it too, but it does get easier with practice.

Dr Joe said don’t expect instant manifestations as he didn’t at first but his research shows astounding results from his client’s 5 years later.

So cheers to Dr Joe Dispenza, here is to us daydreaming ourselves into the success we desire.

To our collective success.

May. Getting Authentic.

Authentic - not false or copied, of undisputed origin; genuine.

Being Authentic

You are not a mistake. The most powerful forces on earth conspired to create you.

What causes us to be inauthentic?

The illusion of our personal separation is very real to us. It’s what our five limited senses tell us all the time. The result of this is that we often adopt and identify with other people’s values, other people’s personality archetypes and other people’s thoughts, beliefs and behaviours only for the sake of gaining acknowledgement, acceptance and love from others. We have practiced doing this for so long we claim them as our identity and believe them to be the true reflection of our authentic selves.

Our deeper true inner beingness or soulself knows the difference and is aware that the universe, which always seeks balance, is sending us reminders of this. An example of this feedback is that it could be experienced as something like depression or sickness. This is to disrupt these inauthentic expressions of ourselves.

Step One. Understanding Inauthenticity and Self-acceptance.

In order to get back to our authentic unique selfness, we need to erase and replace unworthiness with worth, unacceptance with acceptance, unacknowledgement with acknowledgement and a knowingness that we are unique and complete. That is what led us astray in the first place. To boost your personal self-worth, you can watch

The important realization that must be made is that true authenticity is allowed, it cannot be forced. You ‘BE’ authentic, you don’t ‘DO’ authentic. You need never do anything inauthentic for the sake of gaining acceptance, acknowledgement or love. Acceptance, acknowledgement and love is your birth right and your soulself knows this even when our brain and body forget. The universe also knows this and sends us this feedback because it’s an intelligent benevolent universe that is always seeking out balance and equilibrium. The question to ask is “are we seeing/feeling the deeper truth of the given feedback?”

Step Two. Self awareness and self observation.

Once we have genuine self-acceptance then we can embrace authenticity. It’s paying close attention to why you are doing what you are doing and realizing when you are not being true to yourself and the reason behind it. The why is usually for acceptance as was outlined already. Celebrate this awareness and don’t beat yourself up for it. Lovingly encourage honesty. In healthy relationships ‘vulnerability’ is a super power.

Pay attention to the little nuances in your life that display your authentic beingness. What makes you gut-laugh out loud? What makes you cry quietly? What gives you gooseflesh? What gets you going without external motivation? What lights you up? What gets you hard or your juices flowing metaphorically speaking? What floats your boat? Most importantly what is the reason WHY behind it? Ask yourself ‘what things ignite my passions and why?’ This will point you in the direction of your genuine values. This is self attunement. It’s the grand master plan of the universe to nudge you into better alignment.

Step 3. Finding balance.

We are aware that we are in a realm of duality. We have relative opposites. We just tend to polarize these opposites and see them as separate and disconnected. A big revelation is realizing they are relative, related to each other and in fact neither can exist without the other. We need to look at them as opposite sides of the same coin. Two separate sides but still one coin. An easier example to grasp this analogy would be to look at a rectangular bar magnet. A magnet has two polarities, a positive and a negative at opposite ends. Now if you try isolating those polarities by cutting the magnet in half, what happens? Do you get one separate positive and one separate negative? No, each half becomes its own magnet with its own positive and negative poles. They just cannot be separated. Likewise without good there would be no bad and without bad there would be no good. The idea that poles are separate is an illusion and is a premise that needs to be transcended. There has to be contrast for us to focus on what we desire and there has to be contrast to bring us back into balance and alignment. Without failure there would be no success and without success there would be no failure. We would not know authenticity if we did not know inauthenticity. Contrast is our ally as it allows us the feedback to find balance. Being and feeling successful also means we have outgrown our past desires. That vision is now too small. Nothing fails like success (because we get complacent) and nothing succeeds like failure (because we get motivated.) It is all feedback sent to display, guide and check if we are being authentic to our ever expanding true vision, mission and intentions. It’s not about getting it right all the time because that is not balanced and after a while we would experience no fulfilment. It’s about understanding the balance that sometimes we are going to get it right and other times we are going to get it wrong. It’s about trusting and surrendering and allowing the journey. Remember that choices need never come from a polarized judgement and when you get this, you then align with your deeper, balanced, wiser soulself, which is the larger part of your authentic you.

April Muse-letter 2021 - Have You Ever Measured It?

Greetings Success Seekers

We’ve already completed the first quarter of 2021 and the seasons are shifting so it’s important to do a quick quarterly review and measure how far you have shifted too?

To understand why is measuring is important, check out these class quotes.

“That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” Karl Pearson

You can't manage what you can't measure.” Peter Drucker.

I’ve noticed that optimism and growth is also shifting at the moment, so pull out your goal plan and sees how you are doing. If you haven’t got one already then make one, here’s a simple example just to get you started. Just start, you can always refine and redefine later.

If you notice any improvement, even if it’s small, then give yourself a reward. Treat yourself like you earned it.

It’s so important to keep positive momentum so I’ve listed some cool options:

* The Free Resources page on has been updated so go and check out the new updates.

* Check back in with ‘Training With Titans’ and follow up on the next training. If you haven’t signed up for these free trainings yet, then take advantage of the wisdoms of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, John Demartini and many more at

* Check out the ‘Services’ page for discounted courses ranging from Relationships to Mindsets to Corporate Culture to Success Strategies.

If there is something else you would like to empower yourself with that I haven’t covered yet, then let me know, I’d love to know what are they?

To Our Collective Success

Warm Regards

Brad Cunningham

March 2021 Muse-Letter. March To Your Own Beat.

This March I encourage you to march to the beat of your own drum. We cannot control our circumstances, we can only control our perceptions and reactions to them. We experienced this first hand properly last year didn’t we? It’s normal to feel powerless when circumstances are beyond our control. I’d like to share a clip with you I made last year portraying three case studies that is so inspiring because they didn’t blame or complain but found solutions to empower themselves.

1 was parliament in Uganda (absolute chaos)

2 was a person called Gracious (started a goat farming initiative)

3 was a person called Manners (physically disabled but watch how he recycles)

How inspiring is Gracious and Manners for taking their power back despite being in a poverty ridden country.

I have a similar story. A year or two ago I paid someone upfront to create my website. They took my money and did absolutely nothing. After much blaming and complaining I got stuck in and had a go at creating it myself. Here is my website and it only took me two days to create.

The question is: what is it that you would like to do to uplift, empower, enlighten and inspire?

Check out the ‘Free Resources’ page on my website for free success options or check out the ‘Services’ page for discounted courses ranging from Relationships to Mindsets to Corporate Culture to Success Strategies.

If there is something else you would like to empower yourself with that I haven’t covered yet, then please tell me, I’d love to know what they are?

To Our Collective Success

Brad Cunningham

Feb 2021 Muse-Letter. Romance Or Attunement?

It’s February, the month where so many of us celebrate romantic love. I want to pose the question, how important do you think relationships are, relative to your success and happiness?

It’s interesting to note that ‘Personality and Social Psychology Review’ found after 400 studies that strong relationships are essential to any individual’s prosperity, while disconnection constricts accomplishment. Seems logical doesn’t it?

Now before we jump the gun and start looking at relationships with others, let’s consider home base. How is your relationship with you? Would you date someone who treated you like you do?

We all know the wisdom of the saying “if you don’t love yourself, you cannot love another.” Let’s reverse engineer that. Our partners are often the catalyst of us being made aware that we are lovable and in such way prove we are worthy of loving ourselves and the elation coming from that is euphoric, so we attach to them for this reason and often hold them hostage for that fix. The problem is our partners cannot keep this up indefinitely and after a while things start unraveling.

So it’s not surprising we live in a world where 40% - 50% of all marriages end in divorce, so it begs the question – just how much do we understand about this crazy little thing called love.

Deepest truth be told when we are in a good place we love by default because it feels great by doing that and that is because we are attuned to our natural state.

Let’s dig a little deeper with the statement below:

Romance or Attunement?

We all enjoy romance but that implies that it’s only done with flowers, wine, chocolates and candlelit dinners. There’s nothing wrong with all of those but how about taking it up a notch. How about attunement? Attunement is the emotional and intellectual alignment that exists between couples that comes from being openly present with themselves and each other. It implies them being attuned unto each other and this harmony can be experienced anywhere even when they are apart.

Some more Q & A for you.

Q –What is the state of attunement in your relationship?

Q –How aware are you of the deeper dynamics of intimacy?

Q – Could you empower and deepen your intimate connection and allow your partnership to flourish even more?

Before you answer check out the quote below.

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of our relationships” Tony Robbins

The reasoning is simple: the better our self-love, the better our relationships and the better our quality of life we have.

So what can we do to get to this space? Check out the clip

Q – Do you want to have a quality relationship that lasts a lifetime that lifts your emotional happiness and positively impacts the quality of your life? If yes then sign up here.

Take your relationships to the next level, spoil your spouse, gift your girlfriend, bless your boyfriend, and pamper your partner as well as yourself this February with some intimate connection.

No amount of money value could ever be placed on empowering a nurturing relationship to last a lifetime, however this February launch offer is available for only $19 if you enroll now.

If you’re still on the fence and unsure of the course quality then take our free offer ‘Training With Titans’ and learn success secrets of the super elite like Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini, Dean Graziousi and more.

To Our Collective Success

Brad Cunningham

Jan 2021 Muse-Letter. A Recent Encounter On Instagram.

I must share an interaction I had with girl on Instagram who direct messaged me and asked me 2 interesting questions.

So I immediately checked out her profile and saw not only was she rather attractive but she also boasted a strong online presence in the coaching field too. (way bigger than mine)

She was responding to a post that I had made regarding love and relationships and a course I was creating and she said it resonated with her but that my IG account didn't clearly demonstrate what I did exactly so she asked two really great questions.

What is my niche and target market?

How did I get started on my journey?

So I'll share my answer briefly but I actually want to pose these same questions to YOU!

I shared that I've been a full time musician for over twenty years and I incubate my melody's for ages and I lovingly agonize over my lyrics and although my music is highly praised it is just way to deep for the commercial market. I write mind expanding music not the mind numbing distraction racket you often hear on commercial radio. I did some close retrospection and introspection to seek my purpose. I had an epiphany where I realized that even before music I was coaching - random strangers would approach me and just share their problems. Fortunately I'm rather intuitive so I would give my council & it was cool to see their response. It wasn't a surprise to see nearly all my lyrics in my music reflect this also. All the dots here point to the empowering, uplifting and inspiring of how I can express my love for humanity. Then I got into live looping and saw how well that could symbolize the cyclical nature of life so I've bridged two passions in a unique way. So that's the journey so far and maybe I still need to niche down more to target my ideal client but I am looking closely to weave more and more of the authentic threads in my life together. Authentic beingness lends itself to genuine fulfillment and that's the best kind of success.

So back to you. Ask yourself the same questions I was asked. Be as transparent and honest with your answers as possible. If you look closely at your life can you see any thoughts, behaviours, feelings, habits and actions over the years that reflect a similar theme? What is it? Where is it pointing? Are you already aligned with it? Are you prepared to share it with me?

Anyone curious enough to want to listen my music can do so at

And connect with me on Instagram so we can chat also

To Our Collective Success

Brad Cunningham

Dec 2020 Muse-Letter. I’m Dreaming Of A Black Christmas.


Greetings Success Seekers

Considering that this year has been the craziest ever, I’ve decided that we could all use every bit of help we can and even though it’s all of my intellectual property from hours and hours of research and then recording and editing classy content, I’m allowing free access for the next 30 days to all of my content. Starting next year I will be monetizing my courses again, except for the ‘Training With Titans’ as that will always be a free resource, that grows as I will be adding new material as I go along.

So help yourself to these free offers for the next 30 days.

Boost Mind-set with: Crush Negativity in 21 Days

Think outside of the box, build up your self-worth, deal with conflict, cope with emotional trauma, deepen your relationships and train your mind to focus more on opportunities while squeezing much more happiness and fulfilment into your life. Choose one of the options below.

or the mini version: ‘Crush Negativity in 10 Days

Make Your Workspace a Happy Place with: Create Permanent Positive Company Culture

In order to make any business scalable, the experts all agree Cultivate Healthy Corporate Culture.

Learn Secret Strategies of the Super Elite with: Training With Titans

The pearls of wisdom from top achievers.

My latest training 3 Keys to Sustained Success

In order to master success you need to master emotions, master procrastination and have a defined strategy

If you wouldn’t mind leaving a positive rating after taking a training please, as this increases visibility for others. You are welcome to share links if you want to. For the courses that don’t have ratings available, I would value your feedback greatly, let me know how you experienced the trainings.

I’m Brad Cunningham and my intention is to bring valuable strategies and to assist everyone to live an optimized life. I’m addicted to following top entrepreneurs and elite coaches, researching their strategies, taking their nuggets and sharing them. I just want to say thank you for participating.

To Our Collective Success

Brad Cunningham

Nov 2020 Muse-Letter. Your Free Mindset Tutorial.

Your Free Mindset Tutorial

Greetings Success Seekers

Tony Robbins says success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics. Our ego is primarily set to survival and is always looking out for threats so our mindsets are more negative biased than positive. It’s critical that we balance this out. Please understand this doesn’t mean we must put on our rose tinted glasses and suppress all negativity in our lives, the contrast is there for a reason. Rather just observe objectively without overly attaching extra meaning (judgement) and seek out what positivity could be discovered in hindsight. There is some good in every bad and some bad in every good if you look close enough.

You can boost your mindset with my latest mini course ‘Crush Negativity In 10 Days.’ It’s the skinny version of the ‘21 Day Proactive Positivity Challenge’ and it’s loaded with content that’s invaluable to personal and professional success. By the end of this course you will have been guided to think outside of the box, build up your self-worth, deal with conflict, cope with emotional trauma, deepen your relationships and train your mind to focus more on opportunities as well as squeezing much more happiness and fulfillment into your life… It’s free as a gift to you for the next couple of days so please check it out. If you can leave a positive rating afterwards please as this increases visibility for others. You are welcome to share the link if you want to. Are you ready to prime your mindset and optimize your action-taking strategies for larger success, hit the link below.

If you are interested in more free trainings like this, then check out the online library. It’s free and it cannot be monetized because I use songs to make the strategies easily accessible for retention and recall. Here is the link to this collection “Training With Titans” it’s the pearls of wisdom from top achievers and it’s constantly being added to so remember to keep coming back for new empowering content.

I’m Brad Cunningham and my intention is to bring valuable strategies and to assist everyone to live an optimized life. I’m addicted to following top entrepreneurs and elite coaches, researching their strategies, taking their nuggets and sharing them. I just want to say thank you for participating.

To Our Collective Success

Brad Cunningham

Oct 2020 Muse-Letter. Boom’sday Prepping For 2021.

Greetings Success Seekers

In last month’s Septembers Muse-Letter we looked at the pro’s of procrastination with John Assaraf and we deconstructed the process and reconstructed it positively. If you have any hassles with procrastination and didn’t see last month’s post, you can check it out here.

I know a lot of us have written this year off and cannot wait to start afresh in 2021, which is quite understandable BUT we still have 3 months left to make something count. If you didn’t use lockdown to initiate a side hustle to set up another income stream or learn a new skill or look at scaling your existing business, well it’s not too late. Let’s get a measurable 3 month head start on 2021.

Einstein said it’s not in giving the right answers that measure genius but rather in asking the right questions. Ask yourself the following class questions.

‘What would bring me the desirable change I must have?’

‘What would I love to do to achieve it?’

‘What and who would I need to help make it happen?’

Only three months left so check out the ‘Three Things You Need to Succeed’ here:

If you are interested in seeing more trainings like this, then check out the online library. It’s free and it cannot be monetized because I use songs to make the strategies easily accessible for retention and recall. This is an unlimited offer. Here is the link to the free trainings - this collection is titled “Training With Titans” and it’s constantly being added to.

I’m Brad Cunningham and my intention is to bring value and to help everyone live an optimized life. I’m addicted to following elite entrepreneurs and top coaches and researching their strategies and sharing them.

To our collective success

Brad Cunningham

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